YouTube: Edwin Sarkissan

The Door of a Lamborghini Makes for Makes for One Seriously Expensive Shooting Target

This sports car makes for the world's most expensive target!

Ever since shooting videos took off on platforms like YouTube, the gun enthusiasts of the platform have constantly been looking for ways to one-up one another. We have seen some pretty wild shooting videos come out over the years. People have tested everything from old military gear to the latest in expensive electronics against bullets.

However, the test in this video may top them all. YouTuber Edwin Sarkissan has done a few trick shot videos in the past where he has shot over or through expensive sports cars. A few years ago he shot a .50 BMG through a $250,000 Mclaren.

Today he has an even wilder stunt. He's shooting up the door of a Lamborghini. In case you don't know, these cars cost around $200,000-$300,000 on average. The idea of using one for target practice is simply insane. We honestly didn't think Edwin was actually going to do it, but as you'll see from the video, he follows through on his promise!

Many may be asking "why?" with this stunt. Good question, we had the same thoughts. It seems the answer to that question was simply "why not?" One thing is for sure, Edwin kept his word when said he was going to go through with this stunt. We are sure that this is a first for many shooting YouTube channels and we probably won't see another target quite this expensive any time soon.

Honestly, the door of this expensive sports car did a decent job stopping all the shots. We figured the 7.62x39mm of the AK-47 would at least put a dent on the interior of the door, but that was not the case. It seems Lamborghini builds some quality doors on their cars. Who would have thought?

Thanks to Edwin for putting together an experiment this crazy. We look forward to seeing what he does to top it!

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