The Classic Isetta is Now Being Revived as the Microlino

The bubbly two-seater Isetta of Steve Urkel fame is now making a comeback as the Microlino, complete with hinged front-opening door.

Developed by brothers Oliver and Merlin Ouboter, they are reviving the concept after BMW famously ceased production of the Isetta after 160,000 units.

It was known for its fierce minimalism, seating one passenger using a 20-horsepower, single-cylinder gas engine and pedestrian parts.

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The Microlino will also fly at a sprightly top speed of 55 miles per hour with the choice of 8 kWh and 14.4 kWh batteries for a 74-mile range and 133-mile range, respectively.

On the design side, it will measure 8 feet long, about 1/4 shorter than a Smart car.

Already, the Microlino has locked in 7,200 orders as of Aug. 17, with a starting price of $13,600. Its initial production run will start at 100 for the year before reaching up to 5,000 units per year, based on demand.

Look for Microlino to sell in Europe and China with questionable entry in the United States due to safety issues with its front door design.