The Buddy Bunk: Sleep With Your Dogs Without Giving Up Half the Bed

Our spoiled pets love crawling into bed with us. While some of us want our dogs to cuddle up right next to our pillows, some wouldn't mind some extra room on the bed. Of course, no one has the heart to kick their dog out of bed. For extra comfort (for both you and your dog), consider the Penn Plax Buddy Bunk.

Penn Plax is here to help you keep your pet close but not too close. If you usually designate the end of the bed to your dog, you'll love the Buddy Bunk even better. With this multi-level bed, your dog will be able to sleep right next to you, but on their own bed.

Penn Plax Buddy Bunk - Multi-Level Bed and Step System for Dogs and Cats

  • Safety bolsters can be positioned on any side of the bed
  • Can be used as a cat bed
  • Excellent traction

This pet bed is perfect for dogs who need to sleep close to their owners. The bunk bed will give your dog the feeling that they're right next to you, without you feeling smothered by them. Penn Plax's innovative piece of furniture is a game-changer. Your dog or cat will feel oh so comfy in it.

The dog bed comes with a memory foam mattress. Having a comfy bed is very important for all dogs, and especially senior dogs. Another reason you'll enjoy it for your senior dog is definitely the pet steps. Whether you have a young Chihuahua, Pug, Yorkie, or older breed with hip dysplasia, they'll have no trouble using the dog stairs.

The removable steps will be helpful for older dogs to get to the top sleeping space without having to jump. Let's not forget about how nice the two-tier design is. The Penn Plax Buddy Bunk was designed with style in mind. The polished espresso finish with a cream-colored top cushion will match most of your current home decor.

Amazon's customer reviews are amazing. If you're in the market for pet furniture and trendy pet supplies, this pet product will make its way to the top of your wishlist.

A customer left a five-star review and said, "We now have these stair/ bed at the foot of our bed and she is willing to use. Bonus she isnt pulling all the blankets off us trying to get under the covers. She has her own blanket on her own bed."

It sounds like the Buddy Bunk is a must-have.

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