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Our Picks For The Best Snow Suits That'll Keep You Dry & Warm

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In many places across the country, fresh powder is already falling — and if it hasn't yet, it will soon enough. The snowy season is basically upon us, and no matter if your preferred activities require a motor and some keys, a set of skis, or a snow blower, you need to stay warm out there. It's time to suit up, and under that notion, we've plowed through the fluff to collect the best snow suits on the market in terms of quality. And now, we're not talking about bib and coat combos here. With the exception of a few kits, we're looking at the real deal one-pieces that'll keep you cozy from top to bottom. 

How To Pick Out the Best Snow Suit 

Snow wear is some of the most technical pieces of clothing out there — so if you're venturing out into low temps, you've got to make sure your apparel sets a high bar. And since most snow suits come at a premium price, durability is one of the first ranking factors we used. If a company isn't known as one that creates long-lasting products, we left them off of the list. When shopping for your suit, be sure to dig into whatever research is available regarding seaming; look for whether the stitching has been made in a way that fully encompasses the body of the suit, otherwise, you may end up with more than an uncomfortable fit. Nobody wants snow in the places it shouldn't be.

Of the suits we did include on this list, each comes with a variety of proprietary technology from the company that created it. To put it plainly, different titles are given to describe a lot of the same things, such as a suit's breathability or waterproofing. According to Outdoorer, breathability is measured in grams of moisture, which are evaluated for how quickly they permeate fabric in a 24 hours span. This aspect of a suit's construction is written in g/m². Additionally, we looked at the weight of a suit versus the grams of insulation that were included within it, along with the waterproofing rating, which Mountain Warehouse writes is measured in millimeters. After taking these aspects into consideration, we looked at other secondary factors such as the number of pockets, specific cuts of a suit, ventilation, and cost. All that considered, these snow suits are some of the best on the market, and we still can't decide which one we're going to buy for ourselves. Take a look, and you're sure to find one (or a few) snow wear options that will work for you.

 1. A Great Snow Suit Overall


Airblaster Insulated Freedom Suit - Men's - Backcountry, $221.97+

We'll admit, the Freedom suit from Airblaster is a little loud. But look beyond the color, and you'll find a cold-weather kit that is both affordable and made with performance in mind. How could it not be? Airblaster is a privately-owned company that is operated by self-described "board dorks," so it's safe to say that the minds at this business are creating apparel that works for all sorts of outdoor sports and activities. 

We also included the Stretch Freedom suit on this list, but the insulated Freedom Suit offers a little more: Where the latter suit is designed to be layered, this one is built to stand alone. There's an extra 60 grams of synthetic insulation in the body, and 40 grams within the sleeves, neither of which comprise the freedom of movement that inspired the jacket's name. Starting from the head down with a two-way adjustable hood, fitted upper and relaxed leg cuts, a 350-degree waistband zipper, and elastic leg gaiters attached to lace hooks, this suit is built for comfort, warmth, and activity — and all for a fairly reasonable price. Airblaster does feature more sizes and designs on its site, but it will run you a bit more change.

2. The Best Option for Women


Women's Burton Loyle One Piece - Burton, $203.97

This writer's wife trusts Burton's Loyle suit for her own snow days, and that's enough for us to stay loyal to the brand when it comes to choosing a woman's kit. And just to be clear — this writer's wife hates the snow. Which is why this suit works. Burton's DRYRIDE tech offers an over-abundance of insulation (40 grams) and waterproofing that's dryer than the Mojave. The two layers have mixed construction material of polyester twill and plain woven polyester fabric on the outside, while the inside liner is taffeta and Burton's own Living Lining thermoregulating fabric. The seams are tapered for a natural, comfortable fit that makes the suit easy to wear. When the radar reads snow over Teton Pass, it's hard to convince her to leave the house. This suit makes it a little easier. 

3. The Best High End Option


Helly Hansen Ullr Chugach Infinity Powder Suit - Men's - Backcountry, $550+ 

When a company has been in business for 140 years, it's probably a safe bet to assume that the quality of its products warrants that longevity. Helly Hansen, a Norwegian company that was started with the intention of keeping sailors dry on the open seas, has both: staying power and a product of integrity. The company's Infinity Powder snow suit is outfitted with a number of attributes that should grab your attention: The suit is constructed from three layers of laminate membrane, which the brand has dubbed LIFA fabric. The main effect of this material is to create a hydrophobic layer that repels water without the use of chemical treatment, and won't need to be reproofed.  That material is also worked into the breathable lower face mask. The seams on the Infinity are fully sealed for a flush fit that keeps loose powder out, and body heat locked in. There's an abundance of pockets for gear and beacons (including one with extra insulation to preserve your phone battery), internal suspenders to keep a tight fit, and ventilation zippers for when you need some fresh air. Time to fire up the snowmobile.  

4. An Affordable, Stretchy Snow Suit 


Airblaster Stretch Freedom Suit - Men's - Backcountry, $179.98

The Airblaster Stretch comes at a shockingly low price for snow suits, which might leave you asking a skeptical, "why?" Fortunately, with the advances that have been made in textile and waterproofing material, even low-cost options can have a lot of benefits beyond being budget-friendly. Now, one thing to note is that this particular snow suit isn't the most insulated on the list, nor is it going to leave you wet or shivering. (It has a fabric waterproofing rating of 15,000mm.) Still, if you're someone who prefers layers or already has an insulated undersuit, then keep reading.

There are a lot of things we love most about this model from Airblaster. For one, the suit is constructed from two layers: an outside shell and a full-sealed seam inner suit. It's light and breathable, with mesh liners can be found under the arms and on the inner thighs. A leg gaiter and hook system lock out snow, but you won't feel constricted in the suit thanks to the 350-degree waist zippers that move in two directions. If flexibility is your driving motivation, this suit provides you with freedom of movement. 

5. The Best Option for Outdoor Sports


Tobe Novo V3 Mono Suit - Men's - Backcountry, $685.96

The Novo V3 Mono from Tobe was created specifically with snowmobiling in mind. Riding-specific pockets placed on the left chest and at the top of the thighs give you easy, organized access to your goods, while the company's use of Cordura fabrics, an innovative textile brand, reinforces your new suit's rip-resistance. Gaiters for your wrist and ankle keep snow from infiltrating key junctions, and extra-mesh vents on the chest and thigh ditch excess heat — but in the event that the snow is really coming down, you can add a removable hood for another shield against precipitation. 

6. The Best Snow Suit for Working Outside


Carhartt Yukon Extremes Insulated Coverall - Carhartt, $249.99+

We know, we know. The Carhartt name speaks for itself. But that doesn't mean a little extra praise isn't due. Although it's likely you're already relying on a good piece of Carhartt apparel for some job or another, the Yukon Extreme coverall is something you may not have considered for a snow suit. It's not as sleek as some of the other kits on this list and doesn't have such a sporty cut. But that's not why we go for Carhartt anyways. We shop with Carhartt for reasons like the Yukon coverall's 6.5-ounce, 500-denier Cordura nylon shell, which is treated with a proprietary precipitation repellant that we can trust to keep us dry. Or for the reinforced, triple-stitched seams that will keep an old snow suit feeling like new for years to come. We go with Carhartt because Carhartt goes with 3M, relying on the brand for a collaborative insulation layer that's only 150 grams yet rated to keep you warm in the most extreme weather conditions. Ankle-to-thigh zips keep out the snow, 3M reflectors make sure you're seen, and Wind Fighter tech breaks any howling gail. It's a sturdy, reliable suit.

7. The Best Two-Piece Snow Suit 


Men's Insulated Powder Town Jacket - Patagonia, $399

Men's Insulated Powder Town Pants - Patagonia, $269.99

There are a lot of top-and-bottom snow kits on the market, and each one has competing attributes that could've landed it on this list. However, when it comes to the longevity of products, Patagonia's are unmatched. The company's guiding principle is sustainability, and it shows in its clothes, which are made to last. While the initial price may be high, average the cost out for the numerous years of wear you'll get from this set, and it's clear that this is a sensible collection to invest in. For that reason, the Powder Town set is our choice for a two-piece snow suit. If the idea of a two-piece snow suit already has you shivering from the imaginary feel of powder on your spine, know that you aren't alone. But, know that you can trust this kit to keep snow from slithering inside. The jacket and pant set has an internal webbing loop on the rear side that links up with the powder skirt of not just this jacket, but any of Patagonia's snow coats. 

The profile of that liner is cut low enough to make sure that you stay dry, but it's assisted by Patagonia's postconsumer recycled polyester shell, which is treated with custom H2No tech. This repellant is our preferred choice for any precipitous conditions, rain, sleet, or snow. 60 grams of Thermogreen insulation in both the top and bottom make this set feel like you're warming in the lodge, even when you're thigh-deep in snow. And don't worry about that part either; scuff guards and gaiters seal moisture out of the pants, and an extra-tall collar protects your neck. If you're shopping for someone else as well, the Powder Town snow suit set comes in a Women's Jacket and Women's Pants as well.

8. The Best Overall Snowsuit for Kids & Teens


Burton One Piece Suit - Kids' - Amazon, $154.00+

Burton has a revered place among snow sports enthusiasts, and their kids' suit is no exception. It's layered with 100 grams of minimally-sized, maximum-packed insulation, zoned to keep warmth trapped in the places it most easily escapes from. Taffeta fabric lines the inside of the suit, while the back is stitched with ultra-comfortable microfleece. As far as technical specifics go, Burton has outfitted this suit with 10,000 millimeters of waterproofing and 5,000 grams per meter squared of breathability, which means your kids won't be complaining about overheating or collecting too much moisture. One of the best features of the jacket? Burton's own Room-To-Grow system, which allows the suit to grow with the wearer after just a quick snip of some extra stitches.  

9. The Best Budget Snow Suit for Kids


Kids Nitro Snowsuit - Arctix, $50+

Polyester is a well-known insulating fabric, and here Arctix leverages it to keep your kid toasty under extreme conditions for a budget-friendly option. In fact, the 100% polyester insulation the Nitro suit uses has been rated for temperatures between -20 degrees to 35 degrees, and it's surrounded by a double layer of polyester shell and inside lining. Handwarmer pockets are easy to access, as is a rear zipper that makes mid-day bathroom breaks an easy thing to accomplish for any parent on the slopes. The suit is machine-washable and comes with a strong recommendation from a company that has been making snow gear for 20+ years. 

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