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The Best Winter Gloves To Help You Stay Outside Longer

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As the temperature drops, you'll need a pair of winter gloves to keep your hands from freezing and to help keep you outside for as long as you need to be. However, the same $10 gloves you might use for errands or a quick walk outside won't last in the extreme temperatures or for prolonged periods of time — for those, you need better, warmer options that will offer things like flexibility, warmth, and dexterity. Of course, there are plenty of different features to consider when shopping, depending on whether your cold weather adventures consist of long hours of outdoor work, hiking, extreme temperatures, or some combination of a few. Between warmth, waterproofing, and materials to think about (like leather or multiple layers of insulation), you have several directions you could head in. We sourced different options for all sorts of needs, but if you're looking for hunting gloves, check out our more in depth round-up for that here. For this round-up, we found quality winter gloves that can stand up to negative temperatures, waterproof options with touchscreen capabilities, and more — so there will be a pair for everyone on this list. Find your new pair below:

1. The Best Option for Outdoor Work


Carhartt W.P. Waterproof Insulated Gloves - Amazon, $29.99

Carhartt is known as one of the most reliable and beloved brands when it comes to outdoor and work apparel, and these gloves stand up to that reputation. They're plenty versatile to use when working outside, and have enough bulk to provide warmth without sacrificing flexibility to ensure the full use of your hands. They're also 100% waterproof, and the interior lining comes with a fast-dry technology to wick away any sweat. Plus, in true Carhartt fashion, they come with a reinforced palm and a polytex shell, so they'll hold up for years through all sorts of outdoor work. 

2. The Best Option for Skiing & Snowboarding


Hestra Gloves Heli Three-Finger Gloves - REI, $160.00

Unlike traditional mittens, these split three ways, so you can use your index finger and thumb while enjoying the comfort and warmth of a mitten. Think of these as a glove and mitten hybrid: You'll love the extra dexterity, and with a wind- and waterproof shell plus a goatskin palm, these are among the best-made options you can find. They work better in the extreme cold, so use these when you're outside snowboarding or hiking in temperatures that drop under zero degrees: they're made for winter sports. One five-star reviewer writes: "I have owned several pairs of waterproof mittens before, but none have held up to Montana's cold nights like these. I use them mostly to bike commute and on winter hikes." These may be expensive, but they're well worth the price if you love to ski or snowboard.

3. The Best Gloves for Extreme Temperatures


Ozero Winter Gloves - Amazon, $21.98

Polar fleece paired with a patented Heatlok thermal layer make these cold-proof gloves from Ozero the perfect choice for subzero winter days. They're lean enough to allow for full use of your fingers, but the five-layer design ensures that you won't regret choosing them over a bulkier pair. With a combination of fleece, deerskin, cotton, and frost-fighting microfibers, you can bet on a comfortable fit and happy hands — because these waterproof gloves work in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

4. The Best Winter Gloves Made of Leather


SKYDEER 3M Insulated Gloves - Amazon, $22.99

This pair from Skydeer are billed as work gloves, but they'll be great for all types of winter outings. Made from natural deerskin, the interior jersey liner provides soft and warm insulation, while the stretchy elastic wrist guarantees a secure and comfortable fit. They're water-resistant, windproof, and light despite being multi-layered, so they'll be great for cold days that don't have precipitation in the forecast. 

5. The Best Gloves for Running and Hiking


Cevapro Winter Gloves - Amazon, $19.99

There's no reason for the cold weather to get in the way of your workout routine, but heading out for a run when it's below freezing can be pretty intimidating. That's why it's important to get your hands in a nice pair of runner-friendly winter gloves, and deep in the season, you'll want more than just a thin liner. These Cevapro gloves strike a nice balance with plenty of protection from the cold and snow, but they're still thin enough to allow you to change the song on your phone. From the perspective of one reviewer: "I can't tell you how cool it's gonna be to be able to run my touchscreen equipment and not have my hands freeze this winter. Very cool."

6. The Best Winter Gloves With Superior Grip


FanVince Winter Warm Gloves - Amazon, $16.96

These winter gloves come in at under $20 and feature silica gel on the palms and the fingertips. This allows for superior grip when driving, cycling, or working — and provide touchscreen compatibility, too. They're windproof, water-resistant, and thin enough to allow dexterity while still remaining incredibly insulated.

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