The Best of the Worst Treestands Ever Found

Many of us have discovered really terrible treestands ever back in the woods.

Some of us might be the builders of such stands. See the best of the worst treestands ever found for yourself.

Wandering around the woods, most of us have come across treestands that were once though of some hunter to be a great idea. Some are not too bad but the wood they are built out of is rotted to the point of extreme danger. Other stands are just complete death traps waiting for a hunter to try their luck in such a bad invention.

Youtuber Reel Hazardous has a top list of ones Captain Jeremy has found to be the best of the worst treestands ever. These stands will certainly make you question all safety wisdom of anyone who made these not well thought out contraptions.

Well there is always that one hunter that is willing to try treestands in even worse shape than these. Don't be that ill fated hunter. Stay out of the emergency room and enjoy your hunting season instead.