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Map Shows the Best Game to Hunt in Every State

If you like to hunt, chances are you inherently crave the satisfaction of scratching items off a bucket list that comprises all your dream target species and destinations. While most bucket lists are made to be left unfinished, it's still good to have something truly comprehensive, so you don't forget anything should you actually be able to finish it. When it comes to creating a hunting bucket list, you have to consider two items, where you want to hunt and what you want to hunt. The key to making the most efficient bucket list is planning the right hunts in the right states to get the most out of each trip.

So, we've made life a little easier on you by creating a map indicating what our editorial panel considers to be the best hunt to try in each state, based on personal experience and harvest reports. It's far from black and white, as many states offer a wide variety of incredible hunting opportunities that swing from year to year, while others offer hardly any hunting at all.

One of the greatest advantages we have as Americans is the unbelievably diverse range of wildlife our land offers from coast to coast. It's hard to believe you could be hunting alligators in the swamps of Florida or moose in northern Alaska and still be hunting in the same country.

Countless could be made for different animals claiming different states, as states like Colorado, Idaho, Arizona are elite states for numerous species. Similarly, one could make the argument that moose and bear hunting opportunities are just as exclusive to Alaska as caribou. However, if you were going to try to hunt everything you could in one lifetime, this map you help guide your planning pretty effectively. Moose hunting opportunities exist in the Northeast; bear hunting is wildly popular in both West Virginia and North Carolina. Texas and Georgia offer endless hunting opportunities but simply reign supreme when it comes to feral hogs. Minnesota is the best place for ruffed grouse, and South Dakota is called the pheasant hunting capital for a reason.

Each state presents more than one attraction to hunters, so do your research to find the best hunting trips to add your bucket list.