The 4 Best Drone Fishing Videos on YouTube

Nothing says '2017' quite like catching fish with a drone.

Drone fishing is the new thing. This is, of course, because the only thing better than actually catching a fish yourself is catching one with a drone.

Just ask the guys in the videos below, as they show you the challenges and triumphs of fishing with one.

So how did drone fishing begin?

Well, it all started way back in 2013 when a guy named David decided to be the first man ever to go fishing with a drone (or so he claims). I didn't even realize they had drones way back then.. nevertheless actually think of fishing with one.

Of course, the next step after that is to become the first person ever to use a drone to ice fish.  

That is exactly what the guys from Uncut Angling decided to do. They proved drone fishing over ice is completely reasonable. Just watch them catch a giant arctic char with their DJI Phantom, right before it crashes to the ground.

I know if that were me, I would probably act a lot more like the guy in the video below, though. (If you are bored by the actual fishing, make sure to fast forward to at least to the 2-minute mark to see his excitement go off the charts). You'll never think of drone fishing the same again

Need instructions on how to do it yourself? Well, then TallFishermanJ over on  Youtube can help you out. Best suggestion? To set the hook of course.

Clearly, fishing with a drone brings the excitement of catching a fish to a whole new level.

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