Swap Low Tech Nylon for High Tech Features With These Cool Dog Collars of 2021

Dog collars don't have to mean boring anymore. New Dog collars mean cool dog collars!

Your dog needs a cool dog collar—and you may want to flaunt your own style. Plus, if safety is part of the package, this purchase is even better. Dog collars have greatly improved from the boring nylon dog collars of years ago. From personalization to embedded tracking capability, your dog's "necklace" not only makes her look good, but it just might save her life. Personalized dog collars, high quality dog harnesses, reflective dog collars, adjustable dog collars with quick release, embroidered dog collars with reflective stitching, and collars for all different sizes and dog breeds adorn the metaphorical shelves of Amazon these days, meaning your best friend won't be stuck with the standard collar of yore.

Don't settle for a run-of-the-mill collar for your sweet pup! Check out these picks for your pet and keep in mind that picking up more than one is often a good idea, especially for large dogs. Collars wear out (even on small dogs), get stained or might even get lost if your canine pal gets tangled while frolicking in nature. Bottom line: it's smart to have a backup collar on hand.


Fi Series 2 GPS Tracker Smart Dog Collar



Got a pup who likes to wander? It can be normal, of course, but for a pet owner it can be downright nerve-wracking. The fix: a collar with a built-in GPS location feature that alerts you when your pet leaves the yard. GPS tracking collars are the best dog collars for dogs with wanderlust. It also notes how much activity he's getting, so you can tweak his routine for more exercise if needed. You'll also love that the battery lasts for three months before the next charge. Forget calling your dog's name, because you'll know exactly where he is with this cool dog collar around your dog's neck.


Petsafe Elite Receiver Training Dog Collar



Adjust your dog's behavior when he decides to cross over into your neighbor's rose garden with this high-tech beeping collar. With four different levels of correction, this adjustable collar comes with contact points and a guide to setting up an underground fence to suit your dog's needs and your yard. Bonus: the kit also includes training tips to help your pet learn the system.


SportDOG SportTrainer Hunting Dog Collar



Are you training your pet to retrieve in the field or accompany you while hunting? This powerful collar and remote combo allows for up to a half mile of range as you work to teach your dog important recall skills with the 10 different static stimulation levels. But the best part is the waterproofing—in case of rain or in case your dog jumps into a pond with it on (to a depth of 25 feet).


Blazin' Safety LED USB Rechargeable Dog Collar



A collar that strobes or blinks and ensures your dog will be visible from 350 yards away? Sold! The bulb strip and tiny on/off box are made to withstand all kinds of weather, and can be charged to run for more than eight hours. This product includes a 100 percent lifetime guarantee.


Custom Personalized Dog ID Collar



Remind everyone you meet of your dog's most excellent name by picking up a collar with her name on it. You can also get your cell phone number added to this smart ring so you're alerted if you and your pet are separated. Choose from more than a dozen thread colors that also have reflective properties so your pup can be seen when the sun goes down.


Soft Touch Two-Tone Leather Dog Collar



Your dog is a diva (and she knows it), so help her look her best with a handstitched leather collar in a trendy two-tone design. Not only is this collar made with solid brass hardware that's coated with lacquer to prevent rust, but it's also lined with super soft padded sheepskin on the inside. In fact, it's so good-looking your pet will turn heads at the dog run.

Nylon webbing can stick to your dog leash, because there's so much more out there for dog owners these days. Whether you're looking for an LED dog collar, personalized ID tags, built in dog training functionality, or made in the USA quality, we've come a long way since bandanas and matching leashes. Happy shopping!

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