The ATN ThOR LT is an Incredible Scope, But It's the Price That'll Blow You Away

The brand new ATN ThOR LT is lighter and more compact version of their amazing ThOR lineup.

There's little reason to debate the value of a thermal riflescope anymore. If you're doing it in a place where it's legal, hunting at night can be extremely productive, and a thermal scope is the only real way to make it happen.

ATN, the industry leader (by a good margin) in thermal scope technology, has continued down its path of revealing incredibly sophisticated thermal shooting gear with the announcement of the ThOR LT.

Bouncing off the success of the ThOR 4 and ThOR-HD series, the ThOR LT packs many of the same tech advancements and features into a lighter, more compact package.

The scope has a display resolution of 1280x720 px and is only 1.4 pounds. It's weather resistant and includes multiple retile patterns to cycle through and choose what works best for each situation. It charges with a typical USB connection and even includes a 3D accelerometer.

How much would you expect to pay for something so cool? ATN is making a habit of busting through the price barrier, and is offering the ThOR LT at an MSRP of only $1,199.

For that price, you're probably assuming it's made of less-than-ideal materials and requires a good amount of accessories to even begin to use it. That's not the case; the ThOR LT is made from the same hardened aluminum alloy as ATN's other models, and can easily stand up to the recoil forces of high caliber weapons. On top of that, the streamlined profile allows the ThOR LT to be attached to a gun with any 30mm rings, giving the user flexibility and ease in choosing their method of mounting.

There's a 3-6x and a 4-8x version of the LT, and both will retain more than 10 hours of battery life with a full charge. That ultra-low power consumption will gives you a night's worth (and maybe even more) of juice without stressing over the need for a a recharge.

Perhaps best of all is the one shot zero capabilities of the ThOR LT, which is a feat the first iterations boasted and that won over a lot of skeptics. That alone makes this a money- and frustration-saving tool any shooter can appreciate.

All in all, the ThOR LT is a smart addition to the ATN lineup of thermal riflescopes, and it's a smart addition to your arsenal of shooting supplies as well.