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The Armed Citizen Series: The Way You Pull Your Trigger is Key, so Learn from Rob Leatham

Pro Shooter Rob Leatham shares some pointers on trigger manipulation for your pistol, which is a key to accuracy.

In previous articles of the Armed Citizen Series we covered the draw and present of your pistol along with the scan and breathe to keep up situational awareness. In this episode we get some tips on how to pull your pistol trigger to maintain accuracy.

While pulling the trigger may seem the simplest of actions when shooting your gun it can really throw off your accuracy on the range and especially in crisis situations.

Rob Leatham and Springfield Armory share these following points from their shooter tips section of their website:

Start with basics of holding your gun very firmly and properly with both hands to stabilize, control recoil and stay on target. Also, if you follow these trigger tips you will be good-to-go:

  • Align the sights on the target from the back sight to the front sight and then concentrate on the front sight just before the shot
  • Put about the center of the first pad on your finger on the trigger, as you train try to do it the same way each time
  • Start pulling the trigger in one deliberate and smooth motion without adding any extra movement to the rest of the gun
  • Continue with continuous steady pressure on the trigger until the striker or hammer falls and fires the gun, follow through with the shot by keeping on target as best as possible

If you are pulling the trigger correctly, and keeping a very firm grip on your gun, each shot will be on target and your gun will re-align its sights back on where you want the next round.

If you are anticipating the shot and flinching before the gun goes off you will not be as accurate and it will take more effort and time to get your sights back on for a follow-up shot.

The good news is you can practice to avoid flinching and work your trigger manipulation. Trigger manipulation is usually taught pretty soon after basic gun safety and handling by pro instructors. The beauty is you can practice this dry (ensure your gun is unloaded and proven safe) by setting up a target in a safe direction and going through your trigger manipulation. Like pervious videos in this series, practice dry and when set head to the range and go live. Remember speed will come with practice and keep in mind the old adage that "smooth is fast and fast is smooth" which means speed comes once you have mastered the skill so don't try to rush it.

Combine proper trigger manipulation with the drills of the draw, present, scan and breathe and you will be well on your way to becoming an accomplished shooter, as always, train often and train hard.