The Armed Citizen Series: The Scan and Breathe Drill, a.k.a. What Elite Operatives Do After a Shooting

The scan and breathe drill is critical to ensure you remain alert and effective after pulling the trigger in a high stress situation.

Previously in the Armed Citizen Series, we did an overview of the proper holding draw and present of your pistol to create muscle memory. To build on these range skills we will add the scan and breathe drill to be applied after each shooting engagement with your pistol.

Helping out to demo this drill is a pro from the Sig Sauer academy.

There you have it; a drill that all special forces shooters and elite police units learn in one form or another. When training with pros, you will see variations to this drill but essentially the objective remains the same; breathe to reduce stress levels and avoid tunnel vision induced by stress, and finally, scan your area to ensure there are no other threats and check on your buddies to ensure they are good-to-go.

With the other drills of the proper hold, draw and present add the scan and breathe to your repertoire. As always prove your weapon is safe and practice this drill dry with an unloaded gun and when ready proceed to the range and go live. Combine it with all the other drills to build muscle memory and work it methodically again and again. Don't rush and speed will come with competency.

In the next installment of the Armed Citizen Series we will talk about personal emergency medical kits you will want close on hand to treat gunshot wounds before EMS can arrive.