How to Buy a Used Pistol with Confidence

Here is a quick guide on what to look for when you buy a used pistol to ensure it's a good deal and doesn't have signs of significant wear or damage. 

You often hear people say that you should never buy second-hand guns, as you are sure to get a damaged firearm. Well, really, that's not true. You can pick up some great pistols at a reduced price, and as long as you know what to look for and inspect, you should be fine.

This is a quick guide on what to focus on when you think you might want to buy a used pistol.

There you have it, you don't have to be a gunsmith or armorer to give a prospective gun a cursory inspection and ensure it's sound. Damage or burring on a pistol doesn't necessarily mean it won't work, but it's a warning signal the previous owner probably didn't care for it, maintain it or repair it, so move on.

A final point to make sure you get quality: go with a reputable gun store as they will always back their products and the last thing they want is to get a bad name by selling you a dud.

Don't shy away from some of the great deals you can find in a second-hand pistol buy, just do your homework, find a reputable seller and inspect the firearm closely.