The Polarmond All-in-One Sleeping System

The All-in-One Sleep System by Polarmond won the Gold Outdoor Industry award and it is easy to see why.

This bivouac sleeping system is a sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and tent all in one.

This thing is going to revolutionize the way the most hardcore mountaineers sleep in the backcountry.

Polarmond's All-in-One sleeping system includes an ultralight, but cushioned, sleeping mat and liner that come together as a symbiotic sleeping system, but can also each be used separately. The bivouac shell extends over you as a personal tent cover. The weight varies whether you want to sleep under the stars without the tent portion.

The company claims that this system will keep you heated in temperatures reaching -30 degrees C, due to the insulation and the camper's own body heat.

There is enough room under the tent to sit up and cook under if you are in adverse conditions or on a longer expedition. As innovative and hardcore as the tent system is, it may not be entirely necessary for your weekend trip to a state park. This is for the guys who climb Everest without oxygen or something...

Nevertheless, it could begin a wave of tent design featuring similar aspects. All-in-One Cabela's tent, anyone? And we all know hardcore backpackers who obsess over the weight they carry, so this system is the answer there.

The All-in-One sleeping system won the Gold Award at the Outdoor Industry trade show in Germany in 2015. You can buy this nifty tent here, just be aware they cost $1,600 Euros or more.

Happy camping!