The 5 Car Electronic Accessories You Didn't Think You'd Need But Clearly Do

Accessories and options are common place in vehicles these days. 

You can't turn around without finding the latest and greatest thing that you obviously can't live without.

How do you sort through these though and decide what you actually do and don't need?

Have no fear! I'm here to help! I've picked out five items to help you figure out just what you need in your car to make it through the day.

Air Compressor


This is an obvious one, in my opinion. You should always have a way to fill up your tire in case anything goes wrong while you're on the road.

You should find one that will handle the amount of pressure you need to fill your tires, as some vehicles require more pressure than others.

None of them are really going to fill up a tire very fast, but they will fill up the tire which is the main point here.

Vacuum Cleaner

If you have kids, you know how useful one of these can be in your car for the random "accidents" that happen in everyday life.

Even with the rule of "No food in the car," which I've said many times, there was always some little something that found its way into the back seats.

It was always very helpful to have this small vacuum in the back seat all ready to go when it was needed. You'll use it more than you think you will.

Power Inverter

This is one of those things that you didn't know you needed until you have one.

Sure, we all have our phones that charge through USB nowadays, but these give you the ability to charge anything in your car.

I recall using one many years ago to run a TV and video game unit in a van for a couple of kids on a long road trip. I like to believe it saved many lives that trip.

Portable Stove

You wouldn't think you need one of these until you realize that you are working out of your truck and don't have access to a microwave on a job site.

They help by getting as hot as 300 degrees to cook foods in the comfort of your vehicle. I will say, you need to be careful because you are dealing with a lot of heat inside your car.

Maybe putting it on your tailgate when you are heating things up would be a better idea. Still, this is a great way to make your own food and eat healthier on the job site.

Portable Cooler

If you have a portable stove, why wouldn't you think about a portable cooler?  This way you don't have to think about buying ice every morning to fill up your cooler and keep your drinks and food cold.  Just toss your goodies in here and when the time is right, BAM, you have chilled water.

What do you think?  I think these are a few items that you can't do without these days if you work out of your car or truck for any amount of time.  Trust me, these things will help you out!