The 4 Best Off-Roading Vehicles

An off-road adventure can be daunting for a vehicle. Here are the best vehicles to get the job done.

The vehicles most suitable for off-roading are durable, rugged, capable and spacious. They need to be able to go anywhere and accommodate add-ons such as roof racks, tents, portable fridges and more.

 1. Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma is known for its off-road capability, especially the newer model that come with various crawl features. This truck is extremely durable and offers a wide variety of off-road packages. The bed space is a huge bonus, allowing for necessary storage space for long adventures.

2. Toyota 4Runner

Another hit from Toyota is the 4Runner. Just like the Tacoma, it's durable and more than adequate as an off-roader. It's more compact than the Tacoma, which is both a pro and a con. Some complain about the lack of interior space, but argue it's made up for in comfortability.

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3. Jeep Cherokee

If you're wanting something other than a Toyota, a Jeep would probably be the best option. The Cherokee is a good option because of availability and cost. Similar to Toyota's off-roading vehicles, you can modify a Cherokee to your specific needs. Overall, it's very comparable to the 4Runner, especially the newer model.

4. Toyota Land Cruiser

Regardless of the year, the Land Cruiser maintains a strong reputation for its off-road abilities. While it's a long-lasting vehicle, gas mileage can be a concern. It provides ample seating room, but sacrifices space for gear and add-ons. Overall, this may be the best way to go for shorter off-road adventures.

While these are some of the most commonly used vehicles for off-road adventures, it ultimately boils down to your preference. Decide what type of trails you want to travel and then look at what features you may want, keeping in mind the pros and cons each of these vehicles have to offer.