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That’s One Unsuccessful Squirrel Hunt [VIDEO]

unsuccessful squirrel hunt

See what happens when an unsuccessful squirrel hunt turns into what could almost be considered an insult to the hunter.

If you grew up hunting, you have probably been squirrel hunting at some point in time. It is fairly easy to do and hunters of all ages can join in for a day of hunting fun, with a good meal of squirrel meat at the end of it.

But, anyone who has been squirrel hunting has also more than likely been a part of an unsuccessful squirrel hunt. It doesn’t get much less successful than this adventure that just happened to be caught on film.

According to Matthew Rainey, he shot the squirrel and went to retrieve it from the ground. Upon arrival Rainey decided to poke it with his shotgun to make sure it was dead. As you can tell from the above video that ensued, it was not.

Luckily, this is one case where an animal mistaken for dead did not cause any harm, but just a funny hunting story that will likely be passed down for many years to come.

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That’s One Unsuccessful Squirrel Hunt [VIDEO]