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Animals Form an Adorable Unlikely Friendship [VIDEO]

Unlikely Friendship

Check out this amazing reunion of two animals that formed an unlikely friendship.

Animals of different species often don’t get along; especially when one is from the canine family and the other is a feline. But, these two animals found a way to overcome their differences and were able to form an unlikely friendship.

This video is proof that their unlikely friendship was able to stand the test of time. The video shows the two animals, Rupert the fennec fox, and William the cat, being reunited after some time away from each other.

While they don’t both show their love and excitement in exactly the same way, it is clear that both animals are very happy to see each other and be back together.

Now if we could only get people to treat each other this nicely . . .

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Animals Form an Adorable Unlikely Friendship [VIDEO]