Iconic Texas Truck Stops for BBQ, Souvenirs and Everything Else


Successful trips on the wide open road require three things: Good tunes and better company. Stopping to reload on snacks and fuel up on gas is inevitable, especially if you find yourself hurdling across Texas from Midland through San Antonio, on to Houston, and everywhere in between.

While spending time at a Texas truck stop may not be the most glamorous stopping point on your travels, it's good to know what you can experience beyond just pumping gas. This list of iconic rest areas is meant to make your time on the road, from new truck owners fresh off the dealership lot to seasoned truck drivers hauling cross-country, a little easier.

Best Texas Truck Stops

1. Buc-ee's

Even though this list is arbitrary in number, Buc-ee's has to be at the top. Texans, both native and naturalized, can act as disciples, spreading the good gospel about this Lone Star mainstay. More than 30 locations are strewn throughout Texas, offering ample gas pumps, plenty of passenger and commercial truck parking, and the cleanest and biggest bathrooms in the land.

In fact, Bon Appetit named it as one of the best places to eat in Texas.

2. Rip Griffin Travel Center

Located in various places around Lubbock, this rural-adjacent Texas truck stop features unique touches. The truck stops encourages people to stick around to nosh on some Texas BBQ, grab a shower, and park it overnight.

3. Texas 87, Tiger Truck Stop

In a dusty stretch of west Texas land, a ranch-style truck stop beams like a beacon for weary road warriors. Spotted between El Paso and Fort Hancock, this Texas truck stop comes complete with a restaurant and lounge featuring high-backed leather booths, a mechanic shop, and a mini-mart complete with Texas souvenirs.

Lone Star and a cowboy hat, anyone?

4. Chevron in New Fairview

Located about 60 miles northwest of Dallas, this Chevron station earned its spot on the list by reportedly being the most well-rounded truck stop on the open road. Trucker Path named this stop as the best truck stop in the United States in 2017 as it hit high marks for parking, customer service, and useful amenities. It even has pretty solid WiFi so you can stay up-to-date on other truck stops.

5. Refugio Travel Center in Refugio

A quick hop from Copano Bay near Corpus Christi, this truck stop is the perfect refueling station for weekends at the beach. It houses a full-service Pizza Hut and comes with ample parking so you can find a cozy corner for the family RV.

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This post was originally published on September 24, 2019.

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