All photos via SPCA of Texas/Facebook

Texas SPCA Seizes over 100 Animals from Decrepit Puppy Mill

The rescue was a collaboration between the SPCA of Texas and law enforcement. 

Child Protective Services were called to a property in Honey Grove, Texas on January 4, 2018 regarding a different matter, when officials suspected something else going on in another structure on the property.

Officials and the SPCA of Texas arrived the next day to an alleged puppy mill where they found 117 dogs, 21 puppies, and two cats living in such awful conditions that "caused investigators to gag," the SPCA of Texas wrote in a Facebook update.

30 dogs were found inside the main residence, while the others were in a structure behind the house. All animals were stuffed into dirty cages, crates, and kennels; some with three dogs in a single carrier. According to the post, the dogs were being held in enclosures filled with their own urine and feces.

Behind the structure was a "makeshift dog run" that held the majority of the dogs, also living in awful conditions.

Many of the dogs seized are suffering from health issues from living in their own filth. These include: matted fur, fur loss, fleas, dental issues, long nails, ear issues, tumors and more. Upon inquiry, the owner of the property simply said the plan was to sell the dogs. 

Texas law requires large-scale dog breeders to be licensed; it is still unclear if this property owner possessed a breeding license. Legitimate dog breeders must also agree to frequent inspections under the Texas puppy mill bill, known as the Large-Scale Commercial Dog and Cat Breeder Bill, that took effect on September 1, 2012.

All the animals were seized from the property and brought to the Russell E. Dealey Animal Rescue Center thanks to SPCA volunteers. The animals will be examined and cared for by SPCA medical staff until a custody hearing held on Friday, January 12. 


It remains to be seen if the 140 dogs, puppies, and cats will go up for adoption through the SPCA of Texas. If you would like to help the SPCA of Texas and their mission to help neglected and homeless animals, visit their website.

Puppy mills are awful. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

All photos via SPCA of Texas/Facebook

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