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Hot Air Balloon Hunting of Hogs and Coyotes Passes Unopposed in TX House

Tree stands, hunting blinds, ground stalking... hot air balloons? 

Yeah, you read that right. Texas is on the verge of allowing hunting coyotes and hogs from hot air balloons. The reason why this bill is passing the Texas house with no opposition is fairly simple; it's cheaper than helicopters. Seriously. Hog and coyote hunting out of helicopters has been legal in the Lone Star state for several years, but it does have limitations due to access. Now, seeing as a hot air balloon ride is much more affordable than a helicopter ride, passengers can bring a rifle and help out the state control an exploding feral hog and coyote population in the process.

Some questions have been raised regarding this bill. However, to reiterate, there has been no official opposition, but how would a hunter track their animal after they shoot it? Also, hot air balloons are controlled by the wind, so as a coyote or a hug runs, they can quickly evade an incoming giant balloon in the sky. Regardless, it sounds like it should work regardless of the practicality.

If I ever make it on a hunting trip to Texas, and this bill passes, I have to admit this sounds like a blast. Who wouldn't want to leisurely float through the countryside with a rifle and take out a few hogs? First thing is first though; this bill passed the house, but getting through the Texas senate is another story. Stay tuned as I'm sure we'll be updating this story as it develops.

God Bless Texas.