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Only in Texas: Man Rides Horse Through Walmart

Two equine lovers needed to checkout Walmart's Rollback prices, so they galloped on in!

Walmart has everything. From chicken thighs to remote controlled RC cars, the superstar is a place where weird things tend to happen. Look no further than 2017's wild incident where a few men galloped on into a Houston, Texas location on horseback.

The original video was uploaded to Facebook by Woody Fields, who is an avid horse rider. But how did he and a few friends trot on over to the produce section?

"It really wasn't my idea to go in," Fields said (via The Dallas Morning News). "That security guard just sat there looking — we walked on in."

Editor's Note: This video contains a few instances of NSFW language. 

Fields was a little nervous about bringing his horse into the store since the floors can be slippery but he walked the aisles slowly. Everything, maybe surprisingly, goes pretty smoothly. As shoppers in Wallyworld look up at the horseback riders in disbelief, they made their way through the store, clopping along, remarking on low prices. That is, before security gave them a talking to after they exited the store.

But not before the video made its way onto Facebook, showing the world that anything goes in Texas and even the smiles are bigger.

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This article was originally published March 22, 2017.

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