Texas Game Wardens Crack Down on Trophy Deer Poachers

Trophy deer poachers can't hide from the Texas game wardens.

Three separate cases of trophy deer poachers in Grayson County admitted to unlawfully harvesting deer in 2016. This Texas county allows bowhunting only.

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On Dec. 16, 2016, John Drinnon told game wardens he shot the 19-point buck on public land in Oklahoma. On the contrary, pictures of a very similar buck surfaced in Texas. Game wardens confronted Drinnon, and he admitted to shooting the buck with a rifle from the road. The buck scored 202 B&C.

The second incident also included a 19-point giant. Timothy Sweet claimed he shot the buck in neighboring Fannin County.

Whenever a hunter shoots a deer like one of these, it's hard not to draw some skepticism. Well, photos of the deer Sweet harvested surfaced in Grayson County. When wardens pressed him, he admitted to making a bad shot on the deer. When he went to look for the deer later that night, it jumped up and he shot it with his pistol. This deer scored 177 B&C.

Finally, the third incident involves a man named Brian Culp of Gunter, Texas, who harvested a 10-point whitetail that scored 157 B&C. He managed to get a super combo hunting and fishing license given to disabled veterans at no cost. However, he didn't qualify to receive this license.

He was charged with hunting without a valid license.

The full article and the charges given to the hunters can be found here.

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