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Texas Man Claims Cocaine Came with His Fishing License

fishing license

This excuse didn't go over well with the game warden!

Being a game warden is an interesting job. A warden just never knows who or what they'll encounter while out on the job, even on something as simple as a license check.

In the Texas Game Warden's latest roundup of interesting items from warden reports is a particularly peculiar report. An unnamed Willacy County warden came upon an unnamed angler at Port Mansfield's Stone Pier.

As per standard procedure, the warden asked to see the man's fishing license. This is where things got interesting. The fisherman had his license in a plastic, protective pouch. To the warden's surprise, when the man pulled his license out, a small bag of cocaine fell out with it! Whoops.

The press release from the TPWD says the suspect then tried to explain the drugs by saying he had just bought his license and "that's how it was given to him."

Many fishermen's tales are hard to believe, and obviously, the warden wasn't buying this one. The man was subsequently arrested and the case is now pending.

We're sure this warden is going to be retelling this story about the fisherman and his cocaine for many, many years to come.


Texas Man Claims Cocaine Came with His Fishing License