Bent Barrel
YouTube: Demolition Ranch

Testing an AR Rifle With an Extremely Bent Barrel

This curved barrel creates the world's most dangerous gun.

We have all seen plenty of zany gun antics in cartoons before. Perhaps you remember Bugs Bunny tying the barrels of Elmer Fudd's side-by-side together. Or maybe you remember the hundreds of times that characters have bent the barrel of a gun around backwards to fire in the face of the shooter? I think that happened in a Marvin the Martian cartoon once.

Wherever you happened to see it, that type of slapstick humor only happens in cartoons. A real firearm with a curved barrel would never send a bullet flying back at the gun's operator right?

Well, you are about to find out in one of Demoliton Ranch's latest videos. You see, Matt just got a new AR platform and the barrel has been custom bent at a ridiculously dangerous angle. Obviously this is not something they sell in stores. Do not fret. While he does fire the gun, he manages to do it in a safe manner and the results may surprise you.

This may have been the single most dangerous experiment we have ever seen Matt pull off. To his credit, the manner he did it was about as safe as one could get with something like this. Who would have thought that the bullet would follow the barrel with a bend that extreme?

We knew that guns with angled barrels have been tried throughout firearms history. One of the more notable examples was the Krummalauf barrel attachment that Nazi Germany used in World War II. Soldiers would attach the curved barrel to the Sturmgewehr 44 rifle. The idea was that soldiers could safely fire from behind cover with it. The idea never really got far behind the experimental stage.

There have been a few other firearms experiments with bent barrels in modern times too. Most of these experiments used cameras for military rifles that allow soldiers to see where they are shooting. An example of this is the CornerShot weapons accessory package that does basically the same thing.

Knowing those real guns existed, we still expected that extreme bend to make this gun blow up or the bullet to just keep going straight because the angle of bend seemed too extreme. It did not. We think Matt has succeeded in making the world's most dangerous gun with this experiment. Now that we have seen what happens, let us hope he removes that barrel. This is not the sort of thing you would want to leave laying around!

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