Block of Wood Lure
YouTube: Marling Baits

Testing a Simple Block of Wood Lure on Largemouth Bass

Can a simple block of wood be an effective fishing lure?

For thousands of years, humans have been trying to find a better way to catch fish. Ever since the first artificial fishing lures have been developed, people have been trying to perfect them. Some people spend years working on new designs meant to perfectly replicate baitfish by putting photorealistic scales, eyes and scale finishes on them.

But maybe we have been over-thinking things just a bit. Do we really need to go through all this effort just to catch a fish? That was a question on YouTuber Marling Baits' mind after experimenting with some woodgrain patterns in his homemade lures.

If you have never watched this guy before, he is a true artist at making fishing lures. Today, he keeps things simple by attaching hooks and weights to a simple block of wood. Then he takes it out for a real-world test. Will it catch a fish? Watch the video below to find out.

Well, there you have it. A simple block of wood turns out to be an extremely effective lure. Who would have thought? Ever heard the saying that "fishing lures are designed to catch fishermen?" This experiment seems to prove that saying is true, especially with some of the crazy gimmick lures we have seen over the years.

I live about 15 miles from Dowagiac, Michigan where Heddon Lures was founded. There is a park there named after James Heddon that states he got the idea for his first fishing plug while killing time whittling next to the water. According to local legend, when he was done whittling, he tossed the carved stick in the water and a bass struck it, prompting his idea for a lure company. It seems this was no secret to the lure makers of the world.

While all those fancy touches we add to lures no doubt help, this experiment does seem to prove that all those extra embellishments do not matter. In the end, it is the sound and movement of a lure that matters the most for catching fish. This was a truly fascinating experiment. We look forward to seeing what lure experiments he derives from this test.

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