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The Tesla Onboard Computer, Version 2.0, Gets a Speed Boost

Tests show that the new Tesla onboard computer got a major jolt in speed and efficiency.

So, Tesla seems to be in the news a lot lately. From fatal car crashes to it maybe going belly up soon, the electric autonomous car company is getting Elon Musk a ton of attention, for not so very good reasons. But it's not yet curtain call and there's plenty more work being done for new models. In fact, the new version of the Tesla onboard computer is flexing its speed and efficiency right now, putting up some pretty great times.

According to Electrek.co, and seen on a video below, the new Tesla onboard computer gets the job done twice as fast as the previous version. The response time has been kicked into high gear for Tesla owners. Web browser performance, vector map responsiveness, dash buttons responsiveness, and the navigation system are now smoother to use.

Intel-ligent Usage

Recently, Tesla brought Intel on to take over the updated Tesla onboard computer for the Model 3, and it's possible that it's going to expand on that partnership for its future Model S and Model X cars. This is pretty huge for a company that has seen so many setbacks in recent months in the autonomous car industry. This partnership with Intel to create fast and more seamless Tesla onboard computers has already shown up as a bright spot amid murky waters.

Promises Made

Tesla has been promising updates for its media center for some time now including a new web browser and a new navigation system. Those updates are supposed to be accessible to current Tesla owners who can download the software update right to their car.

Check out the side-by-side comparison below:

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