South Jordan Police Department

Tesla Hits Fire Truck at 60 MPH, Driver Breaks Ankle

As semi-autonomous cars become more common, we seem to be hearing more about crashes involving them.

The latest story involves a Tesla Model S in Utah that ran into the back of a stopped fire truck at 60 mph.

South Jordan Police Department

As you can see from the photos, the impact must have been amazingly violent. The front half of the car is just a mangled mess.

The driver allegedly admits using the car's Autopilot system before the crash while using her smartphone. Tesla makes it clear in its user manual that drivers utilizing the Autopilot must pay attention to the road. But how the system didn't see a massive, red fire truck stopped on the road is a question the investigation will need to answer.

There is a sliver of good news in this tale, though. Despite the high rate of speed and the hulking mass of the truck, no one was seriously hurt. The Tesla's driver broke her ankle. That's a glowing testament to Tesla's highly touted safety devices built into the car. To see what two cars hitting each other at 60 mph usually looks like, check out this video.