12 inch beard

Tennessee Turkey Hunt Ends With an Impressive 12-Inch-Bearded Bird

Two hunters in Tennessee harvest a nice looking 12-inch beard, but it wasn't as easy as it looked.

Hunters know that when you miss a shot it can mean the end of the hunt, but these Tennessee turkey hunters still made out with a bird.

In this video they tell a trying tale of what happened in the opening day for the Tennessee turkey hunt.

As you just heard, these Tennessee turkey hunters didn't get this 12 inch beard right away. However, they remained persistent and prevailed in the end. Randy was able to get a clean shot off on the turkey as he was just over the hill.

It had one inch spurs on it, and they think it was about four years old. Most impressive was that this bird had close to a 12 once beard. They also estimated it weighed about 26 pounds, calling it a "Turkey-zilla."

In this video you saw that turkey behavior is often unpredictable, and you have to be on your toes at all times. If you're going to go turkey hunting soon, remember what you saw here and always stay safe.