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2 Wild Turkeys Just Have It in for This Kid

There's nothing quite as funny as when wild turkeys chase someone that isn't you, and this video will have you rolling with laughter. 

Filmed in February of 2013, this video features two wild turkeys who have it out for a young boy with a sled.

Check out this short video and receive big entertainment as two wild turkeys chase down a boy relentlessly.

That boy was very scared when the wild turkeys started chasing him, but he just look forward and kept running.

Did you hear how the people in the car were laughing? They thought it was hilarious that those two turkeys were hunting him so hard.

As you can see wild turkeys can be vicious creatures when they are chasing someone. Keep this in mind next time you cross path with one and you don't have your gun.


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2 Wild Turkeys Just Have It in for This Kid