Techno Hunt Video Game That Lets You Use Your Real Bow Is Unbelievable and Joe Rogan Agrees

We might be onto the coolest video game known to man. If Joe Rogan agrees, it has to be true!

I'll be honest, if something has the word "techno" in it, you usually lose me. But when it's followed up with "hunt," I'm intrigued again.

Techno Hunt is basically a video game that lets you use your real muscles, your real compound bow and real arrows while you practice real shot placement on a screen of animals with real sounds. This product has been around for some time now, so it isn't ground-breaking technology. And, many of you have probably shot at something similar in an archery shop at some point.

However, many people have never seen anything like this before.

Joe Rogan has recently come to love bowhunting—thanks to Cam Hanes—and he approves of Techno Hunt!

There are a few reasons I think Techno Hunt is such a great thing. First, it gives you the most realistic practice you can get besides the real hunting encounter itself. It provides moving animals which you have to shoot effective arrow placement in mind. You also have to work around trees and brush.

Aside from the realistic scenario it provides, it gives you the ability to practice shooting year-round by making it fun and competitive. And last but not least, it could help archers overcome trigger punching more effectively than anything else I can think of.

Now how can I get one in my house? Before you get too excited, though, just know these things aren't cheap by any means.

But still, Joe Rogan approves!