teardrop trailer
YouTube: Van Clan

Teardrop Campers Aren't Supposed to Cost $18,000, But This One Does

OK, so what makes these Timberleaf trailers so special anyway?

Look, I'm not going to sit here and act like teardrop trailers don't serve a unique purpose. They're one of the most efficient ways to tackle road trips without dealing with hotels. For the wayward travelers who never seem to go home, there isn't much that beats this vintage-style trailer.

First of all, they don't weigh much at all, allowing you to drive long distances without noticing a nosedive in fuel economy. Second, they offer a comfortable place to sleep essentially anywhere, with the luxury of some efficient amenities (in most cases, at least).

But how much is this efficiency and convenience really worth? How many trips do you have to make before it warrants not just staying at hotels on all your trips? Is that bed really that much better than a backseat?

Teardrop trailer prices vary quite a lot, but very few are this much. The one in the thumbnail, the Timberleaf Pika, sits at right around $18,000, but it doesn't stop there. There are Timberleaf teardrop trailers in the video below that flirt with a wallet-torching $30,000 price tag.

Watch the video below:

I have to admit, they are cool. The off-road tires, the skylight, the cooler and the topographic map add a rugged feel to a timeless travel trailer.

One quick glance at the comments below this video would surely indicate the general consensus is that these are way overpriced. While I feel obligated to say something along the lines of "You be the judge," it almost seems disingenuous. I could never in good conscience tell anyone to consider paying that much for a bed on wheels.

These campers from Grand Junction, Colorado, are certainly nice, but seriously, you could recreate this by yourself in a couple weeks. Or, you could pay for a sturdy, used trailer, which will likely cost you $5,000 or less.

But buying a teardrop trailer in the $18,000-$30,000 range? No way.