Folded blanket from the brand Tarpestry.

Tarpestry: The Outdoor Blanket We've Always Wanted

How many of you have experienced something like this? It's a windy day at the beach. The blanket you brought to relax on is shifting underneath your weight, sand is slipping up and over the corners, and the whole thing is blowing around every time you get up. After years of struggling with a regular old picnic blanket, it is time to upgrade the gear you're taking with you on your outdoor adventures.

Tarpestry is a brand that, since 2011, has been committed to providing us with a solution to this sort of thing. Once I had the chance to see for myself the true potential, I'm a Tarpestry fan through and through. If you aren't won over by their products, their motto might help sway you. As they like to say, they've been "Keeping Butts Dry Since 2011."

If you've never heard of it, a Tarpestry is a unique product built for the outdoors that combines the functions of a tarp and the beauty of a wall tapestry. It is truly style meets substance in weather-resistant outdoor blanket form. It can be used as a soft-yet-strong, weather-resistant picnic blanket that provides protections from the elements by creating a barrier, and it has the appearance of a classy, well-designed tapestry you'd expect to find at a high-end home furnishing store.

Due to its dual functionality, a Tarpestry can be used as either a blanket or a tarp, and there are four grommet rings included, one on each corner. It can be hung up for privacy or protection from the elements, such as wind, rain, or sun, and it can also be staked down in the grass or sand for stability.

The bottom of the Tarpestry is a urethane-coated tarp-like material known as heavy duty polyester, which feels similar to duffle bag material. This durable fabric provides water repellency and is UV resistant, which prolongs the longevity of the Tarpestry product, something I always appreciate in my outdoor gear.

Three women in the woods sitting on a Tarpestry outdoor blanket.


The top layer of the Tarpestry is intended to be similar to a tapestry (think soft, supple, and cozy), and it comes in a variety of fabrics featuring colorful and artistic designs. This material is intentionally softer than the base fabric, which comes in contact with the ground. For added functionality, each Tarpestry is outfitted with a corner Velcro pocket that can be used for storage of things like keys, a cell phone, or a wallet.

These things have a ton of potential. You can keep one in the trunk to pull out for impromptu creek-side hangs or park picnics. It is also perfect for camping, beach trips, outdoor concerts, sporting events, and so much more.

I tried it out for a dinner picnic in the forest, and it did a great job of providing a smooth, strong base to set everything up on. It did not slid around once it was laid out on the ground; it totally stayed put. There was a little wind, but the Tarpestry did not flap around one bit. It had enough weight to it that there was no issue.

The only minor drawback I found was that it was a bit cumbersome to lug into the woods. It's not exactly meant for backpacking, and it does take up a fair amount of space, even when folded or rolled up. But Tarpestry provides a solution for that with the Mini version. Granted, it's smaller (hence the name), but it does seem like that would be the option to make if you're trying to save space and haul less into the wilderness. The full-size version I tested was perfect for easily-accessible adventures, but it's cool to know there's a Mini version too.

So Many Tarpestry Design Options

Tarpestry, and outdoor blanket, laying outside a tent in a campground with a mountain in the background


Here is where Tarpestry gets really fun. There is a large variety of fun and artistic designs. The designs are organized into collections, including the Epic collection, the Rugged collection, and the Classic collection.

The Epic collection is full of original works of art crafted by real artists and digitally printed on high-quality, fade-resistant fabric. Like all Tarpestrys, they're UV and water-resistant to maintain that high level of functionality while also protecting the stunning artwork. Some fun selections from the Epic collection are Journey to the Top by Truth Patterns, Canyon Light by artist Ryan Kerrigan, and Double Lion Mountain by Cosmic Collage. The one I tested was the Brown Trout design by Reel Threads, and it is incredibly eye-catching.

The Rugged collection is built to work and to last a long time. What sets this collection apart is the additional layer that provides both twice the water resistance and twice the overall toughness. This collection has three unique patterns to choose from, including the Spanish Tile, Rainbow Peaks, and the Lotus.

The Mini collection is, in my mind, a parent's best friend. Like the larger Tarpestrys, the Minis are water repellent and lightweight, and they make great changing pads for little ones. As long as you've got a decent-sized diaper bag, they can be tucked inside pretty easily. The Mini, when spread out, measures 4.5 feet by 3 feet.

The Classic collection rounds out the Tarpestry selection with nods to traditional hippie-esque tapestries, including celestial designs, zodiac designs, mushrooms, and more. Tarpestry even has a line of Dog Duvet bed covers which can be used indoors or outdoors, and are designed to be filled with custom stuffing (like pet owner's old clothes), making them both sustainable and personalized!

Beyond all this, Tarpestry also offers a line of useful accessories to complete the experience, such as tarp stakes, poly cords, and bungee hooks.

I was pleased to receive my Tarpestry, and I'm really impressed with my first several uses. My mind's working to find new ways to use it and new places to bring it. You can learn more adn see all the available designs by visiting