6 Best Children's Books About Hunting Picked By an Experienced Hunter

Parents, uncles, grandmas, or really any loved ones who appreciate the values of hunting and enjoying the great outdoors have an important tool in their tool belt when it comes time to help introduce kids to the idea of ethical harvests and good stewardship. Each one of these children's book about hunting helps shine it in a positive light, brings up the complex parts in easy-to-understand ways, and makes learning about it fun in a comfortable, familiar manner. Most kids love a good book, and can instantly feel the connection between a grownup who reads to them. If you're looking for a way to broach the subject, or maybe even do some clean-up duty after someone or something put the wrong ideas in their heads, then these hunting books for children might just do the trick.

1. "Chasing Deer"

"Chasing Deer," written by author Allison Hunter Voges and illustrated by Rebecca Mullins, follows a child on their first experience bowhunting whitetail deer with their family. It is a celebration of the outdoor lifestyle and an encouragement to immerse children in the outdoor experience. Filled with the joy, respect, and awe of nature, "Chasing Deer" is a kid-friendly reminder of the wonders of that first hunt.

2. "Grace Goes Bowhunting"

"Grace Goes Bowhunting" is, in my opinion, a masterpiece written by Shasta Sitton and illustrated by Marvin Teeples that follows teenager Grace as she goes on her first whitetail bowhunt with her parents. It is an exciting journey as Grace's morals, hunting intelligence, and bowhunting skills are put to the test as she experiences firsthand what it takes to be a sportsman. Parents and children will love this story about hunting, respect, and the glories of being outside. "Grace Goes Bowhunting" has been endorsed by Eva Shockey, Jana Waller of Skull Bound TV, Adventuress Magazine, Women's Outdoor News, Huntress View, and many more. Another great title that follows a similar theme from the same author and illustrator team is "Wyatt's First Whitetail."

3. "Hunting Adventures with My Daddy"

Part of the "My Daddy" series from author Ben Brookhart and illustrator Judy Siler Boyette, "Hunting Adventures with My Daddy" is a fun, rhythmic read that rambles across the United States while giving kids the opportunity to find and identify creatures in their natural habitat. The other title in this series is "Things My Daddy Says."

4. "Smile Outside Conservation Series"

best children's books about hunting

This first conservation books series from Smile Outside features beautifully and brightly illustrated board books targeted towards kids ages five and under that cover many different species of North America. This collection of five titles, all written by authors James and Luke Jubran and illustrated by Ana Laura Ortiz, includes "Clean Water," "Antlers," "Pheasants and Quail," "Ducks and Geese," and "Coyote Lost Her Voice." Each book is made and printed in the United States, and a portion of money from each book sold goes directly to conservation organizations that create, protect, and manage healthy lands, waters, and wildlife. Smile Outside also offers a wildlife coloring book, among other child-focused options.

5. "Hunting Dogs"

"Hunting Dogs" by Caroline C. Stomski is a family-inspired book about the working dog. This fun and energetic read describes a few of the most lovable dogs used for hunting. With detailed paintings of each breed, the reader can imagine what it is like to hunt with one of these intelligent animals.

6. "My First Hunt"

A lovely book from author Beverly King, and illustrated by Navya, "My First Hunt" captures the excitement of a girl who finally has her own hunting license and will be joining her father on a hunting adventure. Readers can follow along as the young adventurer and her father explore the terrain, searching for tracks, and try to find the perfect deer for hunting. This beautifully illustrated children's book is a perfect read about hunting for beginners and a fantastic family bonding book. Not just a story about the outdoor activities for families, this tale follows this father and daughter duo while they explore the importance and perils of hunting and how it affects nature's ecosystem.