Tikki The Talking Bird Just Wants Bacon Pancakes!

Birds make beautiful pets, but talking birds can be the funniest companions.

Cute animals are always going viral on social media, but talking birds are in a class of their own. Talking bird TikToks are taking over, and once you see these funny birds, you'll know why. From Macaws to parrots, these adorable birds show how fun bird ownership can be. Pet birds are a lot of work and a huge time commitment, but you can live vicariously through these birds that love the spotlight!

African Grey Parrot


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Cosmo, the funny parrot, is one of the cutest birds. In this Tiktok video, her mom is checking in before she heads out to the store. The sweet bird asks for freshwater while "Mommy got to go shopping." Then, she promises to "be a good girl."

You can tell that Cosmo is loved and adored by her bird mommy. Her interactions are so adorable it's easy to see why she is, and her talking bird TikTok's are so popular.

Needy Talking Cockatoo TikTok


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Squeakybird is a 25-year-old rescued cockatoo who knows how to get everyone's attention. When no one responds the first time, he calls out like there is something wrong, screaming, "NOW!" Of course, when his owner walks up to him, this little guy goes back to normal and calmly says, "Hi!"

The best part may, in fact, be the cat's reaction when he screams, "NOW!" I'm sure there is a meme or two in there somewhere. One Tik Tok user commented, "This bird is more bi-polar than me, extremely hard to achieve." Another user, Vichy, said, "Mine was pitching a fit last night. The problem: I forgot to turn off a light at bedtime." Needy little birds do some really funny things to get some additional attention.

Bacon Pancakes, Anyone?


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This little girl is one talkative birdy. The quaker parrot is one of the cutest talking parrots you will see. In this viral TikTok, the adorable little Tikki is standing on her shower perch going on and on about bacon! And it's not just any bacon. Bacon pancakes. The TikTok parrot also asks her human for a kiss. But, the best part may be how well mannered this little gal is. After she gets a kiss, she says, "Thank you!"

It's one of those viral videos that you can watch over and over again and not get tired of. Just make sure you unmute this talking bird, TikTok, so you, too, can get her catchy bacon tune stuck in your head!

Hesitant Birdy TikTok


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? original sound - Furby the Birb

No bird and parrots videos compilation would be complete without this little guy. Furby the Birb is super hesitant when it comes to checking out his new xylophone. These birds are typically wary when it comes to new things. Furby even says that he is afraid of it, then decides he is brave and gives it a "Hello."

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