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Watch: Bird or Barking Dog? This Talented Bird Guards the Gate

This is my fave video as this bird is hilarious! Honestly, if you close your eyes you would never know this was a bird and not a third dog barking. It's so realistic that I had to watch with the volume on mute as my dogs kept barking when the video played!

From the YouTube description, we learned that this South African family bird has been part of the crew for nineteen years!

"My parrot is like a child in the house he has been part of the family for nineteen years. He grew up amongst dogs and is lovable and super intelligent. He copies many human and dog actions. He loves cuddling and playing with the dogs. He is truly one of a kind."

Peanut, the parrot, quickly learned to mimic his flock according to The dodo's story. 

Sounds like he's the head bird and at the top of the pecking order in his house. He also likes to cuddle.

The dodo's report also tells us that this attention-loving bird does a lot more than bark. I know my chickens are entertainment for days so I can only imagine how fun it is to watch Peanut! 

"He enjoys watching TV, playing ball with the dogs and he can be very loud!"

If you think dogs are attention-seeking creatures, you haven't ever met a parrot. I'm sure this guard dog behavior is just the beginning! The way these birds mimic sounds and behavior is too much. I love that Peanut's best friends are dogs. Not every dog would befriend a parrot! Not to mention a group of dogs being on the lower end of the pecking order is nothing short of amazing. I wonder what kind of dogs are the canine siblings? My hounds would need a lot of dog training to get them to behave around a dominant bird! There is a first time for everything I suppose.

A barking bird is hilarious and I'd love to meet this cockatoo!

Do you live with a bird or chickens? Tell us in the comments below! 

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