CMMG Rip Brace

Take a Look at CMMG's New Rip Brace

Fast and adjustable, the CMMG Rip Brace is a sweet added accessory to your SBR.

CMMG has done it again, and they keep making waves with their patents and technology. Alabama Arsenal takes a thorough and well-rounded look into the new Rip Brace and why it helps improve your SBR and AR Pistol.

CMMG made the rip stock popular, and now they bring that technology to a specially designed brace. CMMG has teamed up with SB Tactical to create what they're calling the best brace option on the market.

This video is a great depiction of why this Rip Brace is such an effective addition to your firearm.

Beyond just giving the brace a rip and slide technology, CMMG has also provided an indexing screw to the buffer tube. This allows you to preset your desired length of pull, so that when you pull your brace upon using your firearm, it will always stop at the most desirable and comfortable position of your choice.

A super easy and quick system that helps you get around the NFA hassles that you hear about with AR pistols and SBR's.

The Rip Brace from CMMG is just another way to make your already small packaged guns have a smaller footprint. Be sure to check this product out if you are in the market for a new brace on your AR pistols.