Tagged Redfish Could've Won Teen a Truck and Boat

A Texas teen plans to re-catch a redfish that would've won him a new truck and boat.

The annual STAR Tournament has some hefty prizes for registered anglers who fish along the Texas coastline.

The State of Texas Anglers Rodeo is a fishing tournament that offers the potential to win a brand new truck and boat. The Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) released 60 tagged redfish along the Gulf Coast from Sabine Lake to South Padre Island. The first five tagged fish caught will net the angler a 2018 Ford F150 Texas Edition and a 23' Haynie Bigfoot Boat with a Mercury 150L Pro XS OptiMax motor and a Coastline trailer. Unfortunately, Austin Griffin won't be driving away with any of it. At least not yet.

Griffin would have won the prize had he been registered for the tournament. He was fishing with his uncle and girlfriend on a private pier on the Pleasure Island when he landed the tagged redfish. He released the fish and immediately registered for the tournament on his phone, eager to participate by the rules, become eligible, and catch the same fish again.

Griffin had connected with the redfish around 10:20 p.m. Bound and determined to catch the fish within the tournament regulations, he proceeded to fish for another three hours in hopes of connecting with him again. It wasn't until he tired around 1:00 a.m. that he took a break to get some sleep. He was at it again by 8:00 a.m. later that morning.

He plans to continue chasing the fish until the tournament concludes on Labor Day. Confident he can re-catch the fish, Griffin says he's willing to fish for him every day if needed to win one of the truck and boat packages.

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