Tactacam 4.0

Tactacam 4.0: The Only Way to Self Film for the Everyday Hunter

The common statement of  "I want to start self filming, but I don't know what to use." is officially a no-brainer. Use a Tactacam 4.0.

In a place where social media floods the hunting world with short clips and hunting videos, self filming has quickly become a huge thing. Everyone wants to capture their hunts on film.

In the past though, self filming has been a tough issue for many. Camera equipment is expensive, hard to run, and a lot of extra work.

But now there is a product that solves all three of those problems, and it is made by hunters, for hunters. The Tactacam 4.0 is a slam dunk of a choice for any hunter who is wanting to film their hunts.

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Whether that be deer hunting, turkey hunting, or waterfowl, this camera is hands down the best option on the market to get  you started in self filming...

Tactacam 4.0

What makes the Tactacam so special? Unlike its competitors, this is the first camera that is truly designed solely and purposefully for hunters by hunters. While other companies make great cameras and are incredibly beneficial for capturing adventures and the point of view style, they aren't designed to record animals at distances beyond 15 yards.

The Tactacam 4.0 brings game 5x closer, works great in low light, has auto-focus, and it is super user friendly. Another great feature that I think that is overlooked is its super lightweight body that doesn't effect the balance of your bow or your firearm when hunting.

You can either purchase a bowhunter's mount, which serves as a stabilizer on your bow, or you can order the gun kit, which uses an attachment to secure the camera to either your barrel or scope.

I use both, and they both work well for whatever situation you are in.

Tactacam 4.0

Working as a stabilizer located in the stabilizer spot, the camera will always be pointed at your target and in focus when you make the shot.

Tactacam 4.0

With a screw tight at the bottom, the camera sits snug within the casing ready to film your hunt.

Tactacam 4.0

The Tactacam tightly mounts to your barrel and is easily in reach for any situation.

Below is a video that breaks down the capabilities, advantages, and specifics of the camera very well.

I can't stress how perfect the Tactacam 4.0 is for the everyday hunter. With the one-touch record, you can quickly begin filming when those unexpected moments arise while hunting.

I am a diehard hunter who will hunt whatever is in season every chance I get. I love the simplicity of the product, and the fact that I can capture all the moments on camera to relive and remember at a very affordable price.

The improvements on the new Tactacam 4.0 are amazing, and being able to bring the footage five times closer than any other camera is a huge benefit for self filming. While I love using it for deer hunting, the turkey woods and waterfowl hunts is where I think the camera really stands out. I am beyond excited to get this thing out in the woods and share my videos this upcoming season.

Rather than picking a few videos to showcase the amazing clarity and zoom on these cameras, I encourage you to go to the Tactacam video page and witness all the videos you can. You will be amazed. A library full of epic hunts from normal folks just like you and I.

Beyond the hunting videos, Tactacam does a great job of posting videos on YouTube. They have a video answering any question you can think of. This has been a great help to me as I adjust to the new 4.0.Rather than breaking down every button and facet of the camera, I will let you sift through those.

If you want to start self filming, but have always been leery of investing and concerned about where to start, the solution is waiting...the Tactacam 4.0

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