Our Review of 'Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter' on Netflix

All hunters should watch this.

The Netflix film "The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter" comes to us from the mind of director Jody Hill, the creator of other comedies such as Eastbound and Down, Vice Principals and Observe and Report. It stars the talents of Josh Brolin, who plays the father figure and hunting TV show extraordinaire Buck Ferguson.

While Danny McBride is in the supporting role of assistant and cameraman, he's constantly trying to create the perfect moments in a semi-satirical fashion for the American people watching at home.

Watch the trailer below:

The father-and-son relationship seemed to be struggling from what the film portrayed. This trip was meant to create the sense of "buck fever" in his son, and ultimately bring them closer and make him a hunter.

Througout the trip, it showed the many pain points and flaws with the younger generation and direct connection to technology.

The weekend doesn't go as planned for the group, as Jaden (Montana Jordan) would rather use his cellphone than spend some quality father-son time. We see Ferguson trying to be a better father for his son while creating a hunting video for the public.

It's not very often Hollywood gives big budgets to showcase the culture of hunting. And overall, this movie was well-done and will hopefully introduce new hunters or rekindle the excitement for other huntresses.