Your Cat Will Think He's Hunting Fish With This $16 Swimming Fish Cat Toy

Is your cat more interested in the boxes their actual toys come in? Cat owners know this feeling all too well. Keeping your cat interested and stimulated can be a matter of trial and error. But if you know your furry friend likes to pounce and hunt, the swimming fish cat toy is a purrfect toy idea!

Don't test your luck with getting a real-life goldfish! This simulation fish toy is just as good and will have your cat thinking it's hunting actual real fish.

Swimming Fish Cat Toy

Indoor Cat Interactive Swimming Fish Toy- Best Water Cat Toy for Indoor Cats, Play Fishing, Good Exercise, Drink More Water, led Light, Battery Included (Swimming Bowl is not Included) (4 Pcs)

This interactive swimming robot fish toy is one of the best cat toys on the market! This toy comes with four battery-powered swimming fish that your cat will love. This pet toy allows your cat to tap into their natural feline instincts, such as hunting. This toy is also a great way to get your cat to drink more water!

You get eight LR44 batteries along with eight extra batteries as a replacement. To maximize the battery life on this toy, place two fish in the water and swap with the other two fish after 3-5 minutes. The swimming feature automatically turns on when the fish are placed in water. As soon as you take them out, they turn off to conserve power.

We all know a bored cat can lead to mischievous behavior such as playing in the litter box or using your shoes as a chew toy. These swimming robotic fish will pique your cat's curiosity during playtime and keep them interested.

This fun toy is under $20 makes a great gift for any cat owner you know. With over 8,000 customer reviews, this toy is a best seller. Customers love that this toy brings their multiple pet cats together to watch the fish wiggle and swim around.

Moonshuttle is a family-owned pet supply company that specializes in fun and exciting cat toys. If your cat can't get enough of fish cat toys, check out their flopping fish toy.

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