'Survivor' Is Making Big Changes For Season 50
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'Survivor' Is Making Big Changes For Season 50

Although it's still a few years away, Survivor already has big plans for Season 50. The show is hoping to garner a bit of good will back, especially with fans angry over how the show's been trending. 

"We're already talking about Season 50 for Survivor," CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach told Deadline. "We just wrapped up Season 47 in Fiji. I was texting with Jeff [Probst] last night and he said there's some pretty epic blindsided coming up. I think this show can go on for a really long time."

The president teased that Survivor will be going all out to celebrate its 50th season. "We will absolutely be celebrating. And I would consider it kind of a year-long celebration. WE do that really well on CBS," she said. "We will have a lot of plans in the works... It'd be the first time in the new era that will have returning players."

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"That's really exciting," Amy concluded. Meanwhile, host Jeff Probst also told fans to expect exciting things in 2026. However, the news comes as many Survivor fans claim the show is unwatchable.

'Survivor' Fans Are Angry

"Russel Hantz was the worst thing that happened to Survivor, because it made Jeff Probst fall in love with strategy by numbers (vote-counting) and force (idols, advantages), rather than strategy by social skills (the kind Parv, Cirie, Hatch did)," one fan wrote.

Another wrote, "One thing I can't really figure out with the new era - women & BIPOC players are finally winning, so the mechanics are doing something to unlock potential. Is this from decisions Probst is making? Cause if so he may need at least some credit?"

Yet another wrote in response to an article criticizing the show and its host, "There's a reason 46 is such a refreshing season post-merge because none of the idols or twists or advantages ever hindered the actual cast and their interactions/gameplay. The article is so right that Probst has never understood Survivor in the many years he's hosted."

The show will apparently bring back several returning players.

"In the spirit of, sometimes letting the game be in the hands of the fans, I feel like - and there are a couple of people from CBS right now going, 'Oh my God, what is happening?'," Jeff said about the 50th Season. "I feel like we should just commit and make this the moment where we decided that Survivor 50 will be returning players."