‘Survivor’ Couple's Divorce Gets Ugly As Jaime Huffman Accuses Husband Of Attempted Sexual Assault
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‘Survivor’ Couple's Divorce Gets Ugly As Jaime Huffman Accuses Husband Of Attempted Sexual Assault

You may remember them from Survivor. This reality couple is ending in an ugly divorce with allegations running rampant. It's clear this won't be a clean break-up.

According to New York Post, Jaimie Huffman and Erik Huffman entertained audiences with their love story when they appeared on Survivor: China. However, the two are divorcing. Jaime filed for divorce from Erik last week claiming he became an alcoholic and was prone to violent rages during their marriage. She also claimed that he cheated on her with other men, saying she found messages on her phone.

Jaimie claimed she confronted Erik about the messages. She said, "He snapped and began screaming, 'how dare you accuse me of being gay, you stupid b—h?'" Jaimie then claims that Erik attempted to sexually assault her but couldn't get aroused. The two had a son in 2010, and he blamed it on her being overweight.

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'Survivor' Couple Breaks Up

Jaimie also claims that Erik showed up at her job at a restaurant angrily. He accused her of kissing a bartender and flew into a violent rage.  "He (Erik) began screaming at me and punched a hole into the wall next to my head," she alleges in the document. "He broke multiple bones in his hand and everyone around him went silent."

Meanwhile, she also alleges that Erik is having an affair with a married co-worker. She said that she has proof from a private investigator. The two have been separated since January. In January, police arrested Erik in a gas station parking lot for domestic violence in the third degree. At the time, Jaimie allegedly found a phone from her husband. The two got in a fight over the advice, and she said he hurt her arm.

Meanwhile, Erik claimed that his wife was suicidal. While the charges were initially dropped, the case has been refiled with it still pending. Meanwhile, police had to break up another dispute at a gas station parking lot in April. The Survivor couple got into a spat over a child custody swap.

All of this is a far cry from where they were on Survivor. Both met on the 15th season of the show. They quickly bonded and became that season's romance. They later married in a $80,000 dream wedding. Sadly, their relationship has soured in the years since they appeared on the show. The divorce case is ongoing.