Survival Tent

Survival Tents: What to Look For in a Good Reliable One

Looking for a good survival tent? Here's how to find one that fits your needs.

Life tents, emergency tents, survival shelters, bug out tents, or whatever you prefer to call them, the survival tent has its place for the discerning outdoorsman. This isn't just your run-of-the-mill camping tent, but an ultralight emergency shelter that can be counted on when things get rough in a hurry out on the trail.

But that doesn't fully describe what a survival tent can be. It can be as small as a tarp to hang across a rope or paracord, or as advanced as a canvas wall tent that's stashed away as part of your emergency supplies.

One of the prime reasons that the outdoor sporting life means so much to us is the fact that it is a never-ending lesson in humility. Animals, weather, and bad planning can make the simplest of trail-treks into a fight for survival in a heartbeat.

With some simple precaution and planning, plus some information that can help you when you're choosing a survival tent, you can focus more on the other aspects of survival and preparedness when it really counts.

What is a Survival Tent?

A survival tent is generally a small, packable two-person tent that is fast and easy to set up. The best kind is windproof, waterproof, and will keep you sheltered for a period of time under extreme conditions. When the weather changes for the worse—and we mean really bad—there's often only a short window to set up a shelter to stay warm and dry until the event passes.

A big part of the beginning stages of survival in the moment can be had if you have one of these in your backpack.

It should be able to keep out snow, rain, and debris, either with a rain fly or on its own. Most tents have the inherent reflective value to cast back your own body heat. An emergency shelter should have a high-visibility color so you can be found in a worst-case scenario.

What To Look For In a Reliable Survival Tent

The first thing that you need to do is to assess the number of possible occupants for your survival situation. A two-person tent is usually plenty since it can fit a hiker, their gear, and the possibility of a second person when the chips are down. If you're supplying your whole family with a survival tent, they'll likely all need their own to be fully prepared.

A good tent needs to keep you dry from rain, melting snow, sleet, hail, and even the dew. The fact remains that of you've suddenly had to pitch one of these tents, chances are that the conditions have forced your hand. Now is not the time find out that you've chosen a flimsy tent that leaks.

Look for heavy duty zippers, tent poles that stand up to high winds, and the toughest, warranty-covered shelter you can find. If it's covered by a money back guarantee, odds are it's well-constructed to begin with.

There are certainly different sizes, shapes, and even colors to choose from, but it is design and ease of use that should be considered above all else. In fact, one of the most important factors in choosing an emergency survival tent is the ease of setup that it has for the user.

The last thing that you need in a pinch with the weather bearing down on you is a frustrating shelter that is difficult to erect. Look for a good design that doesn't need an engineering degree to put up.

Your survival tent need to be lightweight, tear-resistant, and fit easily inside of your bug out bag. For hikers and folks that are on the go, every ounce matters when packing your bag since it is going to be a part of the weight you will carry.

One last factor to seek out in an emergency shelter is its durability. It can be free standing, resist mildew, but it absolutely has to have some form of ripstop nylon, mylar, or other material when the weather conditions get really bad.

Other Survival Tent Factors

Preppers and other emergency preparedness gurus love be prepared for any emergency situations in both cold weather and warm. To truly find the "best survival tent," you've got to determine what works best for you. The fact remains that a backpacking tent or all season tent is an integral, reusable part of your survival gear collection.

There are 4 season tents, cold weather tents, backpacking tents, dome tents, and even tactical bivvies that can do the job. It really comes down to which is best for you and the type of survival tent that you prefer. There are a lot to choose from, and your search can start right here.

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