Armored Personnel Carrier
YouTube: National Geographic

The Man Who Has an Armored Personnel Carrier as His "Bugout Vehicle"

This guy's bugout vehicle is a little more extreme than most.

When it comes to prepping, most people make sure they have a decent food supply on hand. Maybe they will have a few weapons around and an ammo stockpile just in case. The more extreme preppers like to build bunkers and hidden doors just waiting for a "SHTF" scenario to happen any day now.

Then there are guys like Alaska's Rodney Dial. He takes things a step further by having a dedicated bugout vehicle. This is not just an ordinary pickup truck either. It is a literal tank.

An armored personnel carrier if you really want to get technical about things. In any case, the extreme prepper has spent over $100,000 getting this thing ready for potential disaster in case a tsunami hits Alaska and things descend into chaos. He calls the giant vehicle "War Machine."

We do not even know what to say anymore when it comes prepping. We have seen some extreme examples in the past, but this machine takes the cake. The APC is a leftover relic from the conflicts in Northern Ireland and was then used by a militia group before Rodney bought it. His upgrades include better armor and tweaks to increase the fuel economy.

Which is probably not a bad idea in the post apocalypse. Ever see "Mad Max?" Half the conflicts in those movies are about fuel and who has control of it. We are joking a little here of course. Because most of us would not go out and build our own Mad Max style vehicle just for an end of days that may or may not ever come.

At the very least he has a very interesting conversation piece and a way to terrify the neighbors every time he fires that thing up and takes it out for a drive!

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