The Only Recipes You Need on Game Day

Super Bowl recipes just flood the web every January, but no one has your best appetite interests at heart better than Wide Open Spaces. 

Is there an unofficial holiday more American than Super Bowl Sunday? Well, besides hunting opening day, of course. But you just can't eat your heart out on opening day in the treestand like you can while totally planted on your couch.

Regardless of your team preference, or if your team didn't even make it past the playoffs, eating is an activity we can all fully engage in, so make your grocery list and plan on adding at least two of these recipes to your game day repertoire.


A classic choice, this Apple Pie Moonshine just needs to be prepped a day in advance. Let it be noted that for legal reasons, we can't feature actual moonshine in our videos.

For game day itself, start your morning off right with this Sriracha-Rubbed Bacon Bloody Mary and prepare to get in the zone.

The Pregame

Like the moonshine, these Spicy Cajun Boiled Peanuts should also be made the day before. The longer they roast, the better they are!

On game day, it's time to bust out that venison from your freezer and put it to work as the star in this Venison Queso.

Looking for something a little different? Beer-Candied Bacon is the snack that will literally have your friends drooling.

Game Time

Alright, it's time to get serious and bring out the stretchy pants. You'll need them for all of the Beer-Cheese Stuffed Venison Sliders you're about to eat.

Did all of your friends bring their venison over in hopes that you'll cook it for them? Well this Venison Stuffing can be made in bigger batches that you could ever imagine to feed a hungry crowd.

Cleanse your palate with this delicious Bacon Potato Salad that literally takes no time to prepare.

Looking for a Potato Peeling Hack? We got ya covered.

Do you feel satiated just reading this post? Then I'm sure you can imagine how delicious all of these recipes will actually taste!

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