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Sunday Gunday: 6 Excuses to Tell Your Significant Other to Get You to the Gun Range

6 excuses get you to gun range

We never get enough range time.

Sometimes we just need that perfect excuse to spring us from our significant others.

That is where these six excuses that will get you to the gun range.

1. The boss called.

We don't mean the boss at home obviously. Make sure you stealth-fully pack your range bag way before you use this excuse and have those items stashed in your vehicle out of their sight.

2. Family emergency of some long lost cousin or uncle.

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Sure your significant other has never heard that name before. They just happen to be in a predicament that you have to go help them out of family nobility.

3. Your pet is sick.

Better have a veterinarian friend for this one. You know they can call and blow your whole cover story.

4. Your doctor prescribed range time.


Well, it isn't too far from the truth. Shooting guns is the biggest stress reliever I personally know.

5. The car has to go into the shop.


Be very vague on what garage is supposed to have your vehicle. That excuse might burn you if used without care.

6. Doctor's appointment for an ingrown toenail.


Surely no one would even want to check out that cover story there sure shot. Head off to the gun range and enjoy your day.

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Sunday Gunday: 6 Excuses to Tell Your Significant Other to Get You to the Gun Range