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Sunday Gunday: 4 Discontinued Shotguns That Should Still Be Made

Many well-made shotguns have seen their last sunsets. 

We lament the loss of these iconic hunting shotguns.

In a perfect world, these four discontinued shotguns would still be available for us to purchase.

1. Winchester Model 12 Pump-Action Shotgun

This classic shotgun is known for its beauty and dependability. There were nearly 2 million Model 12s that left the factory. Keep your eyes open on the used gun racks, and maybe if the price is right, you can own this legend.

2. The Original Browning Auto 5 Shotgun

Hunters everywhere loved the famous humpback autoloader. It was a sad day when Browning discontinued the A5 Shotgun, but it has been reborn in a new model though that one has a lower hump than the original. Many purists love the ease of sighting this iconic shotgun.

3. L.C. Smith Double-Barreled Shotguns

A fine double-barreled shotgun says upland game hunting like no other scattergun out there. A fine L.C. Smith Double-Barreled Shotgun is a feast for the eyes and a joy to shoot. And, that's true with all of the models they made over the years. You'd better have deep pockets if you want to delve into the world of used L.C. Smith shotguns.

4. Savage 311 Double-Barreled Shotgun

The Savage 311 Double-Barreled Shotgun was the working man's uplander. While not as beautiful as an above L.C. Smith, the tough Savage 311 was dependable when it came to getting the job done well.

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