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Sunday Gunday: 4 Budget-Friendly Plinking Rifles Worth Buying

Plinking is nothing more than informal target shooting.

Technically, any rifle will do, but some really stand out more than others.

These four rifles would make for excellent plinking rifles.

1. Ruger 10/22 Rifle

When most people think of plinking rifles, they think of a .22-caliber long gun. They're cheap, and they produce little noise and almost no recoil. The Ruger 10/22 tops the list with countless accessories and different model options. Tearing up tin cans with an aftermarket 50-round magazine is truly therapeutic.

2. Marlin Model 60 Rifle

This tube-fed, .22-caliber shooter is a favorite of many shooters because it's both cheap and accurate. Many shooters out there probably still have their first Marlin Model 60 Rifle that got them into shooting in the first place.

3. Henry Classic Lever-Action .22 Rifle

This classic lever-action rifle will fire .22 Short, .22 Long or .22 Long Rifle cartridges, offering a huge variety of different plinking opportunities.

4. Mosin-Nagant Rifle

When a .22 just isn't getting it done but you don't want to break the bank, the old Mosin is always a solid choice. The hard-hitting 7.62x54R cartridge is still available as affordable surplus ammunition, and the rifles still are sold as surplus, too. Unfortunately, prices are rising so get your rifle and a stash of ammo before it gets too expensive.

These budget-friendly rifles will satisfy all your plinking needs.

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