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5 Reasons Why Plinking is the Best Forgotten Shooting Sport Ever

Plinking is informal target shooting at whatever is safe at hand.

From pests to tin cans, everything in between makes a great plinking target.

Plinking is the best forgotten shooting sport and here are the 5 reasons why.

1. Paper targets get boring

The beauty of plinking is that you are not stuck with shooting plain paper targets. Anything that you will not get a ricochet with and have a good backstop you are set to go.

I grew up in an area where I was lucky enough to be able to plink any caliber I wanted every day. Those great lessons taught me a lot about what guns can really do, and gave me plenty of practice on accuracy and speed shooting.


2. Great exercise

Sadly, in many places this aspect of plinking is long gone due to urban sprawl. If you wander around in the wilds and forgotten areas, there's almost always trash and debris to serve as excellent targets.

This requires legwork to get back to old dump sites or spots where pest animals are just waiting to be thinned out.

Packing a .22 rifle, some old canscould become high value targets waiting to be perforated. Need bigger holes? Just pack bigger.

Be sure you always watch where your bullets are going, over all else.

3. Cheap targets

Retail prices of proper targets is cutting into our ammo money. Plinking allows the useless items to become our targets of choice.


4. Great practice for hunting season

Want to brush up on finding and shooting game? Have your friend hide some soup cans or other debris in a certain area.

Practice your stalking skills and see how many you can bag. Just make sure you pick up your garbage on the way out. Be good stewards of the land.


5. Stress relief

Plinking does not include adding scores or major competition. The fun factor is all that counts.

Shoot whatever caliber you want. I started with a pump action Daisy BB as a kid. To me, even that would still be fun.

But of course, larger firearms make more impressive damage and certainly more boom.

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5 Reasons Why Plinking is the Best Forgotten Shooting Sport Ever